Top 5 Reasons Downsizing to a Condominium Simplifies Your Life

Studies have shown that individuals and families who have simplified their homes lead a happier life. Check out Graham Hill’s Ted Talk: Less Stuff, More Happiness. Simply living smarter can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming, so be realistic about the process. Find a size that fits the needs of your lifestyle.

     1. Less maintenance and chores.

Save time and money. A smaller space means less house, yard, and repair work.

     2. Less stress.

By downsizing you may reduce your mortgage monthly payments, enjoy the equity in your current home, and save on lower utility bills. Doesn’t that feel better?

     3. Get organized!

Cleanliness will come naturally as there is simply no room for extra stuff.

     4. More YOU time.

More play time, lake time, and fun time. Enjoy the freedom to travel often and participate in the activities you love to do.

     5. Enjoy the neighbourhood and local amenities.

Condominiums are often located in convenient locations. Now you can enjoy restaurants, rec centres, cafés, and more. Lakepoint One is conveniently located to many local amenities, such as the Westhills YMCA-YWCA, Langford Aquatic Centre, Greater Victoria Public Library, and Victoria Conservatory of Music.


Cut the Clutter Before You Move


  • Saves money and time
  • Lowers stress
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Ensures your new place is clutter free and contains your most treasured possessions


Even clutter can be hard to organize! Create four boxes: keep, sell, donate, and trash. Be sure to stick to the following rules as nostalgic feelings can sometimes sway your better judgement.

     1. Keep

It’s simple. Keep items that you absolutely love and will use in the future. If it is not useful or beautiful, get rid of it!

     2. Sell

Don’t be too quick with the trash bin. Take advantage of your clutter and sell valuable items online.

     3. Donate

Some of the items that you no longer use could be worth something to someone else. Ask your family and friends to go through your things, and donate the rest to local charities.

     4. Trash

If it’s broken, get rid of it.


Take your time; don’t try to tackle your place in one day. Create a decluttering calendar where you schedule to clean over a set time period to make the cleaning process more manageable, and a lot less stressful. Moving into your new place will be much easier once your things are organized.


Lakepoint One LogoLakepoint One has bike racks and storage lockers, kayak and paddleboard storage, and underground parking, just in case there are a few items you cannot live without. To learn more about Lakepoint One register now.


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